New CQC Key Lines of Enquiry template for medicines management in hospices

Author: Margaret Gibbs
Category: Developing your team, New ashtons services
Date: February 11, 2019

The CQC has produced a new Key Lines of Enquiry template and section S4 is the relevant part of the new document, put together with the help of an experienced palliative care pharmacist. Preparing a template and completing the evidence for each section should enable hospices to create a file of evidence for future CQC inspections.

The questions are intended to answer the question: how does the provider ensure the proper and safe use of medicine, where the service is responsible? And the questions cover these topics:

  • Management of medicines and medicines stationery – to include order, transport storage and disposal
  • Appropriate prescribing, administration and supply of medicines in line with legislation, national guidance and evidence, where this exists
  • Provision of individual advice about medicines
  • Receipt of medicines as intended and its recording
  • Reconciliation of people’s medicines in line with current national guidance on transfer between locations
  • Drug and physical health monitoring
  • Regular review of medicines
  • Ensuring people’s behaviour is not controlled by excessive or inappropriate use of medicines.

As before, these questions are not closely tailored to the care provided in hospices but there is now ‘sector-specific’ additional guidance we can refer to. The areas where evidence is required is based on a number of professional standards from our regulatory bodies, NICE and NHS England alongside prescribing guidelines. Some examples are the requirement to demonstrate that allergies are clearly documented on prescription charts and the management of off-licence use.

Your visiting Ashtons Pharmacist will be able to help you with templates that we will provide to complete for your site. We recommend starting an evidence file for your medicines management and keeping the up-to-date report ready for the inspector. We can also offer information sheets to support some of these categories alongside the in-house medicines management paperwork we already provide for your use.


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