Clinical guideline updates May-July 2019

Author: Margaret Gibbs
Category: NICE Guidelines
Date: October 15, 2019

NG131: Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management

This NICE guideline was published in May 2019 and covers the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in secondary care, including information on the best way to diagnose and identify different stages of the disease, and how to manage adverse effects of treatment. It makes five recommendations, including for metastatic prostate cancer and localised and locally advanced prostate cancer.

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Please also see the QS91 NICE quality standard on prostate cancer, which was updated in May 2019:

NG42: Motor neurone disease: assessment and management

This NICE guideline was updated in July 2019 and covers the assessment and management of MND, information and support, organisation of care, managing symptoms and preparing for end of life care.

It aims to improve care from the time of diagnosis and makes 14 recommendations including on communication, psychological and social care support, respiratory function and respiratory symptoms and planning for end of life.

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QS184: Dementia

This NICE quality standard was published in June 2019 and covers preventing dementia, and assessment, management and health and social care support for people with dementia.

It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement and makes seven quality statements on the management of people with suspected dementia, dementia patients and their carers.

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