Ashtons training seminars and online presentations

Author: Shannen Stevens
Category: Ashtons News, Developing your team
Date: September 1, 2020

Online presentations available

The pandemic has made it difficult for hospices to arrange training and there has been less demand for Ashtons pharmacists to present seminars at sites. Consequently, Ashtons is now able to make seminar presentations available via online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, meaning that all available staff with online access can participate in the training, without having to meet up in a room together.

NEW training seminars available:

Management of diabetes towards the end of life
This seminar provides an overview of diabetes and the oral and injectable treatments available. It guides participants through the management of diabetes towards the end of life, based mainly on the highly regarded British Diabetic Association guidelines.

Management of Parkinson’s disease towards the end of life
This seminar begins with the causes, symptoms and drugs used in Parkinson’s disease. It goes on to describe the end stages of the disease and the specific considerations, including drug choices for symptom management, towards the end of life.

Please contact your visiting pharmacist to arrange seminar training, whether onsite or via webinar.

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