January 18th 2021

The MHRA has repeated its concerns about overuse of opioids based on a set of recommendations from its Opioid Expert Working Group of the Commission on Human Medicines. The first step taken was to put safety warnings on packs of medicines containing opioids. They now want to ensure people are supplied with consistent information on…

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March 30th 2020

We observe that people have a reduced oral intake at the end of life due to their symptoms or general weakness and level of consciousness. There is inconclusive evidence that artificial hydration is beneficial, with arguments against being the chance of it increasing the likelihood of oedema, ascites and death rattle. Arguments for are that it may alleviate feelings of thirst and reduce the risk of agitation.

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conceptual illustration of cancer cells

February 8th 2019

This relatively new approach to the treatment of cancer makes use of the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells. There are four main mechanisms used for immunotherapy treatments:
Boosting the immune system. Making use of antibodies that attach to cancer cell surface proteins. Drugs are called monoclonal antibodies and…

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