Ashtons is not able to deliver on the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays

Please remember to order well in advance of the Christmas and New Year bank holidays.

Increase your stock to ensure you do not run out of medication.

Please remember to identify all of your medication and medical supplies requirements well in advance of the Christmas and New Year period. Leaving orders to the last minute may increase the risk of not getting the delivery in time.

Orders you should place well in advance include:

  • Fridge lines
  • Leave and discharge medication (TTOs)
  • Named patient supplies

Please be aware that the products stated in the table below need to be ordered by the last order date shown in order to be received in time for the Christmas period.

Christmas and New Year Delivery Schedule

  –  Wednesday 23rd December  –  Deliveries

  –  Thursday 24th December  –  Deliveries

  –  Friday 25th December  – No deliveries (Christmas Day)

  –  Saturday 26th December  –  No deliveries (Boxing Day)

  –  Sunday 27th December  –  No deliveries

  –  Monday 28th December  –  No deliveries (Bank Holiday)

  –  Tuesday 29th December  –  Deliveries

  –  Wednesday 3oth January  –  Deliveries

  –  Thursday 31st January  –  Deliveries

  –  Friday 1st January  –  No deliveries  (New Years Day)

  –  Saturday 2nd January  –  No deliveries

  –  Sunday 3rd January  –  No deliveries

Last dates for orders

Product                                                        Date


Pepse 5 day HIV pack                      11th December

All gluten free breads (baked to order)    11th December

Unlicensed medicines/Specials                    18th December

All feeds (Fortisips/Ensure etc.)           21st December

Stoma bags, urine bags and catheters    22nd  December

Emergency out-of-hours service

If you have an urgent request while Ashtons is closed, please telephone 0345 222 3550 and you will be diverted to a pharmacist on call who will be able to deal with your requirements. Emergency out-of-hours deliveries are also possible, however there will be an extra charge for this service.
Christmas Bank Holidays  will impact on deliveries, so please ensure you are prepared. We will confirm the exact Christmas and New Year delivery schedule very soon or you can contact our customer services team.