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    Specialist palliative care support

    We understand the essential role that medicines play in symptom management and the importance of having the appropriate items in stock to respond promptly to patients’ requirements. We appreciate the need to tailor medicines to suit individual patients and can offer guidance and information to support prescribing decisions.

    Our pharmacists can help with managing patients’ personal medication, assist with prescribing, obtaining and managing unlicensed and unique formulations. We can also advise on mixing medicines to be delivered through syringe pumps.

    Clinical Pharmacy

    Our visiting clinical pharmacists develop close working relationships with your clinical team and are available to give authoritative advice on treatments, best practice and regulatory requirements. You will also have access to support from a specialist palliative care pharmacist.

    Our approach is consistent across all our client hospices and follows our own clinical governance framework. This always includes clinical supervision and support.

    We train, support and mentor our pharmacists so they can always provide the highest quality service, informed by the latest clinical evidence.

    Ashtons Live View

    Our Live View system is a unique online recording and communication tool that has transformed pharmacy reporting in the UK, making medicines management more efficient and dramatically reducing medication errors.

    In the first two years of use, our monitoring has shown that Live View brought about a 40% fall in the number of prescription chart medication errors among our client hospices.

    Live View also provides access to a wealth of online clinical information.

    Our Feature Service


    overall reduction in prescription chart medication errors for our client hospices

    Ashtons e-Works

    Ashtons e-Works is an electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) system. It is designed for hospices, independent hospitals and other healthcare providers as an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to other high-cost and unnecessarily complex prescribing and administration systems.

    This system replaces the paper medication records used in inpatient settings, such as prescription charts, and is transformational in improving the safe prescribing and administration of medication. It will also ensure faster access to medication, reduce duplications of patient records and help to free up staff time.

    Documentation Systems

    Although hospices often use their own prescription charts, we can provide a standard Ashtons prescription chart, or a bespoke redesign of your own chart if requested.

    All our prescription charts and specialist forms are on durable, high-quality card, and their distinctive colours help you easily locate relevant information.

    Our hospice clients receive a comprehensive range of documentation systems, developed by our own pharmacists. They are designed to help you meet relevant regulations, reduce medication errors and maintain professional performance in your clinic room. We can assist with a review of your in-house systems, policies and procedures to identify which documentation systems would be most useful for your hospice.