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Ashtons Live View has transformed pharmacy reporting

A recent NHS study indicated 237 million prescribing errors occur every year – one mistake in every five prescriptions, which the study said caused an estimated 700 avoidable deaths annually.

The investigation highlighted the continuing need for better medicines management. A core part of maintaining best practice standards in medicines management is good quality and timely communication with the pharmacist, including the reports they provide.

Typically, a visiting pharmacist will report their findings verbally or in writing after their visit. With Ashtons Live View, everything is electronic and reported in real-time.

An industry-leading innovation

Live View was inspired by customer feedback and developed in-house as a better way to manage medication information and delivery improved patient care.

The system allows information from visiting specialist clinical pharmacists to be made immediately available online to other relevant hospice staff.

It also allows senior clinicians and managers to monitor medicines management in their hospice 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and take appropriate action.

How Live View helps reduce medication errors


59% reduction in
prescribing errors

Group 993

63% reduction in
administration errors


52% reduction in
patient detail errors

Access to a wealth of online clinical information

Ashtons Live View is more than a pharmacy reporting system. It has become a multi-functional online resource for medicines management, unique in the UK. Our homepage gives easy access to a vast range of clinical information and guideline libraries, including the NEWT Guidelines and PANG Palliative Care Adult Network Guidelines, and a Mental Health Act resources section.

We also provide access to the British National Formulary (BNF) online via NICE.